Car Tires

Ελαστικά Αυτοκινήτων - ΞανθόπουλοςTyres play a key role in the handling of the car and driving safely. The only contact between the car and the road. Therefore, screening for their good condition and their proper pressure, they are of paramount importance.



How often should I change the car tires?

Average life of the tires, under normal circumstances, we must consider the 4 to 4.5 years. Average number of kilometers traveled, before the need for replacement, is 50,000. Of course, these numbers are illustrative. The way (soft or aggressive driving), roadways which moves the car and the avoidance - or not - extra strong strain (potholes, parked up on sidewalks), it is obvious that affect - positively or negatively - the average duration life.

To judge if our car tires need replacing, we can contact a specialized shop, but we can and ourselves by visual inspection to make a pretty good estimate.


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