Barkley Tires

The BARKLEY tires manufactured in the top 20 tire companies worldwide and is one of the largest Asian manufacturing companies with over 37 years of development and research

The Barkley tires produced with high technology system and have more than 12 licenses.


The Barkley is a new proposal in the world of tires.

Starting with high-tech professionals, the company
developed with great speed.
It's time to join the family Barkley - Barkley select,
select Success !!
Why Barkley?
For the economy, the price and quality is important to all
our and safety.

The Barkley guarantees high quality tires with competitive price.

Choosing Barkley means to be a member of one of the top 20
tire companies in the world.

The tire family will always give you the support and
guidance and help you choose your tires.

Use Barkley --- Feel the difference!

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