New Truck Tires

Comfort is an important criterion for road professionals and an area where the role of the tires is critical. The tires of the big brands, provided that they have the correct pressure is made to absorb vibration and any kind of abnormality of the pavement.

Comfort is also among the criteria evaluated on performance tests. The fact that a tire is "low rolling resistance" is not important. thanks to rubber mixtures in the design and skeletal material, a low-resistance tire also offers a high level of comfort. Provided it is used correctly, because the comfort of the driver not only depend on the quality of tires.

Equally important is the tractor and trailer to bring tires in good condition, correctly inflated and the load is evenly distributed and stabilized inside the couplings.

All professionals agree: the price of fuel has a large share in the company's costs. And it is true: they only correspond to 30% of costs *, a transport company. So all the solutions that can help fuel efficiency of a vehicle, are welcome!

In this area, the tire choice plays an important role, although often ignore.

But to where? Under what conditions? And how to get the edge of the huge supply of tires there today?

In these questions, but in others, it aims to answer our store.

We offer expert knowledge and wide range to find what you are looking through our partnership with the leading tire manufacturers such as Michelin, Bridgestone, Pirelli, Goodyear, Dunlop, Continental and many others.